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The owner of Louisville Professional Apparel LLC (LPA) is Margaret Ann Gnadinger.

Gnadinger has been a well-regarded business woman in the area since 1984. She has won various awards, including the 2001 “Woman Business Owner of the Year” from the national NAWBO association and the “Industry Passion Award” in 2011 from the Southern Independent Formalwear Association.   

Charity organizations are very important to Gnadinger, and many awards have been accepted for assistance, donations, and work with many groups in the area. These include schools, Dayspring and DePaul, and charities such as Breast Cancer. 



Louisville Professional Apparel comes from a long-term family-owned business history. Mother and Dad  Sondergeld owned and operated an auto body shop and sales business. Dad Gnadinger owned a furniture store. Brothers Bill and John own an auto body shop. Sister Carolyn has an equipment rental company—SO—it is in this spirit that Margaret Ann took on an entrepreneur journey with energy.

As a business broker, Margaret assisted others in purchasing businesses. She came upon a business that interested her husband, Joe, and they bought ”Colonel Quick Formal Wear”.  It expanded to three locations with a dry-cleaning operation and formal clothing for local weddings and events. Son, Jay Gnadinger, became an important part of the operations. The business was active for 28 years, but when the importance of tuxedos disappeared, the Gnadingers decided to close the business. 


Gnadinger and a partner, Donna Williams, opened “Colonels Uniforms” in 1995.  This business was successful with many local and national accounts. The partners sold it to a large clothing business in Louisville, but then bought it back after five years. Margaret Ann and Donna ran the company for another three  years before selling.

Louisville Professional Apparel is a company that came from Colonel Quick and Colonels Uniforms. The knowledge gained from those businesses has given LPA a knowledge of what the customer wants, and how the customer wants to be treated.  

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