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Welcome to Louisville Professional Apparel

From t-shirts to tuxedos...uniforms designed for your business

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Your team members quickly identify the look and feel of your company. They set a tone that says a lot about your service level. Have your company logo seen on the garments. Show your reputation for quality in good fashionable garments that fit. Brand your company!

The LPA Garment Purchase Program saves you time and money and requires NO CONTRACT. Purchase sets of uniforms for each employee 1-2 times per year, for a down payment and monthly payments until paid in full (3-month payment schedule). LPA will alter and fix damages at NO CHARGE. Team members may clean their own uniforms or LPA will contract laundry services for you and charge only for garments cleaned each week. New employees are measured and uniforms purchased as needed. Replacement and new uniforms ordered only with management approval. Garment brands are Red Kap or Dickies, and include: shirts, work , jacket, sweat shirts, coveralls, office wear, polo shirts, and sweaters, etc.

Contact us to schedule a visit and show you how you can have great garments for your staff and save money!

You will have a meeting to determine your choices – samples – catalogs – custom items – whatever you want! Your team will be measured by our staff – garments will be delivered to you with staff’s names attached – organized.  LPA will be there to make adjustments and returns if necessary. 

You, our customers, are so special to LPA.  We strive to give you the best in the garments you choose; high quality and best fitting looks for your growing company. With a smile and a happy face, LPA would be honored to be your uniform provider.


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